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Alcalde Cues

Alcalde has always used the best materials available to manufacture a touch of professional cue also experience and passion have given us in these 38 years a big winners: hundreds of national , regional titles in many countries of the world; championships by teams, by couples, in 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th category, americans and europeans.

Everything is our treasure. We did not put it here , we have not even counted it because it is impossible to summarize so many disciplines and so many categories. But it is sure we have it in our heart and in our memory. They all are important and they all are equal for us.

Any model you want to purchase is made with the same materials and the same craftsmanship with what we have built many winners.

World Champion Alcalde Billar
1992 - 5 Quillas
1996 - Carambola Artística
1998 - 3 Bandas
1999 - 3 Bandas
2000 - Cuadro 71/2
2003 - Cuadro 47/2
2005 - 3 Bandas Junior
2006 - 1 Banda
World Record Alcalde Billar
1997 - Carambola Artística 374 pts.
1998 - 3 Bandas 6.66
2003 - Cuadro 47/2 126.66
2006 - Una Banda 25.86
The artistic touch is evident in the simplicity, stability and style of these unique pieces. Gold, sapphires, emeralds, natural mother-of-pearl, turquoise have been selected to enrich and adorn the basic components: ebony, thuya root, "bird's eye" Canadian maple..
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Colección Especial Alcalde Cues
It is the materials used that are the essence of the style and perfection so characteristic of Alcalde cues.
Without the nobility of these elements, the final result would not be the same. Each material has a specific function in the cue's performance...
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Maeriales Nobles Alcalde Cues
A revolutionary idea from Miguel Angel Alcalde of definite interest to billiards followers.
This was accepted unconditionally from day one, accompanied by the expected cautiousness of the strongest traditionalists.Read more >
Octagonal Cues Alcalde Cues